Aintree Custodian is a secure, digital vault or safety deposit box, which uses military-grade security to protect your digital assets, such as electronic copies of legal documents, cryptocurrency, and passwords. 

It is a completely free service that Aintree Group Legal use as a tool to store and distribute your information safely. We are making this complimentary service available to all Aintree Group Legal clients who have completed Estate Planning with us on Aintree Custodian, so you can utilise this feature anytime you need.

Setting up your Aintree Custodian Digital Vault

If you need a little extra help setting up or managing your digital vault, you’re in the perfect place!

Refer to the videos below for detailed tutorials for setting up your account in Aintree Custodian, and customising it for your individual needs.

If you ever need any further advice or support, please be in touch with our team at

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Getting Started

Receiving Items

Making Items Always Available

Creating Folders

Uploading Files

Adding Template Items

Adding Recipients

Aintree Custodian is powered by

Aintree Group Legal have partnered with BePrepared to help us execute your wishes securely and confidentially. This partnership means that signing up for BePrepared through Aintree Group Legal comes at no cost to you, and our team will oversee the set up of your account.