Aintree Custodian - You Digital Vault

What is Aintree Custodian?

Aintree Custodian is a secure, digital vault or safety deposit box used to store and protect your digital assets, such as legal documents and passwords. 

It is a completely free service that Aintree Group Legal use as a tool to store and distribute your information safely. Once you are set up on Aintree Custodian so you can utilise this tool anytime you need.

How we use it…

Aintree Custodian has two main functions:

1. Secure Storage for Confidential Documents

Aintree Custodian provides a secure alternative for Dropbox and Google Drive, where our team can share confidential documents with you, and vice versa.

We upload all your legal documents for you, so you can access them 24/7, and once you’re set up, you can also upload anything you like for safe-keeping (don’t worry, we can only see those files you give us access to) and utilises the full range of features, including a revolutionary Estate Planning tool. 

2. Estate Planning Tool for Sharing Key Information

As more and more of our lives move online, there are very few things we do each day that don’t require a login and password. This poses a difficulty when you pass away, and your loved ones need to access those logins to pay bills, close down accounts, and change personal details. Not to mention the challenge of accessing digital assets such as cryptocurrency which become part of your Estate.

Aintree Custodian allows you to set up an automatic information distribution plan that will be triggered when you pass away, when your information will be safely sent to specifically allocated loved ones. You can assign different logins to different people, depending on their role in your Estate. For instance, you might want a friend or a sibling to access your social media or text messages first – instead of your children or parents.

This ensures only the people you trust most with certain passwords and instructions are the ones to receive them. And don’t worry – Aintree Group Legal cannot access anything unless you allocate us specifically. In a world where so much of our information is scattered online behind different logins and passwords, this makes it easier for your loved ones to action your final wishes after you are gone. 

Once you’re set up on Aintree Custodian, you will be able to upload any digital assets you wish, and set up your own, personalised distribution plan anytime you like. You can find out more about how to do this here, or by contacting our team at

Have any questions?

We recommend checking out our Frequently Asked Questions below, where we’ve covered off some of the key finer details about setting up and using Aintree Custodian. We also have a Help Hub with tutorial videos available here.

If you would like to chat to someone about how Aintree Custodian works in more detail, get in touch with our team to book a consultation today!

How do I set up my Aintree Custodian digital vault? 

If you haven’t already received an email invitation to set up an account, please contact our team at and request to be set up on Aintree Custodian. 

If you have been invited to create an account already and you’d like help setting it up, adding documents, editing sharing permissions, or setting up a distribution plan, you can refer to our Aintree Custodian Help Hub or get in touch with our team for one-on-one advice.  

What kind of digital assets or documents can I store in my Aintree Custodian vault?  

Anything you want to keep secure, and/or have distributed to particular people after you pass away. It does not need to be limited to legal paperwork, how much you utilise it is completely up to you.  

This can include: 

  • Logins and passwords to all your online accounts 
  • Cryptocurrency Wallet details 
  • Trust Deeds 
  • Property Deeds 
  • Contracts 
  • Wills and Estate Planning Documents 
  • Birth Certificates 
  • Marriage Licences  
  • Tax documents and financial information including Tax File Numbers 
  • Anything you may wish to distribute after you pass away, including personal letters and instructions.  
Do I need my own Aintree Custodian account, or can I share with my spouse/parent/children? 

Your Aintree Custodian account can’t be shared by multiple people, there needs to be one user per account. This is to avoid confusion or mishandling of information where only one person on the account passes away and we are unable to identify which Estate Planning documents belong to them and what needs to be distributed.  

This also means you need your own unique email address to login; you cannot use the same login email as someone else with an Aintree Custodian account.  

If you share documents with another person, you can both upload a copy of the same document(s) into your respective vaults, it will just need to be kept up to date across both.  

If you need help setting up your account, you can refer to our Aintree Custodian Help Hub or get in touch with our team for one-on-one advice.  

Why do I need my own email address?  

Aintree Custodian requires a separate, unique email address per user, so you cannot use a shared inbox or the same email address as your spouse, parent or child to create your Aintree Custodian account. 

This is because one vault can’t be used for multiple people. Each person needs a unique login to access their own personal vault.   

If you need help setting up your account, you can refer to our Aintree Custodian Help Hub or get in touch with our team for one-on-one advice.  

Can Aintree Group Legal see everything I put in my vault? 

We can only see the documents you allow us to see. Everything in your vault is still completely under your control – you choose who can and can’t see specific items.  

Find out more about setting up sharing permissions here.  

Can I invite other people to access documents in my vault, or only myself and Aintree Group Legal advisors? 

Your vault access doesn’t have to be limited to you and your Aintree Group Legal advisor. You can invite collaborators like family members and friends to view certain items, or even get your advisors to add important documents they have prepared to your vault as they get updated.  

Find out more about setting up sharing permissions here.  

I want to set up a distribution plan for when I pass away, does everyone receive all information in my vault or can I pick and choose who receives what?    

You get to choose exactly who receives what information, and it’s completely customisable for your personal preferences and circumstances. 

For instance, you might want a friend or a sibling to access your social media or text messages, instead of your children; you might want your Will to be sent only to your executor and no-one else; you might want certain property deeds to go automatically to the beneficiary they are bequeathed to; or you might have letters or instructions addressed to a specific person that you’d like sent automatically when you pass away.  

Find out more about how to set up your distribution plan here.  

Already have an Aintree Custodian account?

If you’ve already been set up on Aintree Custodian, you can login to your account below via BePrepared.

Need help setting everything up?

If you’ve received an invitation from our team inviting you to set up your Aintree Custodian digital vault, but you’re not quite sure where to go from there – check out our Help Hub for setting up your account. If you’re still a bit stuck, get in touch with our team at and we will book in a time to walk you through it!

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