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Nominate AMS Client Document Custodianship

Following the closure of AMS Ivanhoe Lawyers, Aintree Group Legal is taking custody of most of their clients’ deeds, wills and titles. We will hold these documents for safekeeping until AMS clients have a chance to decide who they wish to nominate as their new legal representative. Please be assured that your documents will be held securely with us for as long as needed until you have nominated a custodian.

There are several requirements to consider, whether you are requesting the transfer of your documents to you personally or to another legal representative. Some of these requirements are legislative, and outside of our control, some are put in place to protect the security of your sensitive and valuable documents and information. We have provided further information in each relevant section of the webform below.

If you have reached a decision and wish to nominate a permanent custodian for your documents, please complete the form below.

If you have any questions about this process, please check out our AMS Client Enquiry page or contact us on 03 9851 7929.

Nominate Custodian

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