Passing down family secrets in the digital age: A fun twist on Estate Planning

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We recently heard an anecdote about a family matriarch who was the sole custodian of the family’s Christmas pudding recipe.

This pudding was the pride of the family.

Trouble was, though, that only one person knew the recipe and she couldn’t bring herself to share it with anyone. Nor could she stand the idea of the recipe being lost on her passing.

You can’t just go pudding any old thing in your Will

So the matriarch hit upon a solution. She would put the recipe in her Will.

That way, she could keep the recipe secret, while also ensuring it wouldn’t be lost.

Great idea. And while we’re at it, if we can disclose a Christmas recipe in the Will, why not other family secrets? The Will could become a confessional full of private stories we couldn’t share during our lives, but can’t bear to take with us.

There is a problem with this approach, though.

Following probate, a Will becomes a public document searchable by anyone. Further, a host of people can ask to see a copy of the Will even before probate is granted.

That family secret buried in a Will suddenly doesn’t look so secret.

Enter Aintree Custodian

Aintree Custodian is a secure digital vault used to store and protect your digital assets, such as legal documents and passwords. It is a completely free service that Aintree Group Legal provides to our clients as a tool to store and distribute their information safely among their family.

Aintree Custodian allows you to control who has access to which documents. And it doesn’t have to be used just for formal documents like your Will. Informal documents, such as a Letter of Wishes, might be the best way to share your family recipes and other private matters with your loved ones.

So why leave your cherished family recipes to chance?

You can find out more about Aintree Custodian here or if you would like to chat to someone about how Aintree Custodian works in more detail, get in touch with our team to book a consultation today!